In partnership with Open Global Rights, the Bernstein Institute has launched an article series, Reimagining Justice: Human Rights through Legal Empowerment. Select speakers will share strategies and tactics discussed at the conference, highlighting the myriad of ways in which legal empowerment offers promising new methods to improve access to justice and build legal systems that work for everyone.


4.23.18: “Reimagining Justice: Human Rights through Legal Empowerment,” by Sukti Dhital

5.5.18: “Legal Empowerment Allows Indigenous Ecuadoreans to Fight Multinationals,” by Juan Auz

7.17.18: “Bringing Justice Close: An Experiment in Accessing Justice with Technology,” by Shreya Sen

8.2.18: “A Shared Learning Agenda Takes Legal Empowerment to the Next Level,” by Erin Kitchell

8.27.18: “In Haiti, Legal Empowerment Resistance Against Exploitation,” by Samuel Nesner & Ellie Happel

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