Anuradha Joshi Institute for Development Studies

Anuradha Joshi

Anuradha Joshi is a Social Scientist at the Institute for Development Studies. She is an expert on policy processes and institutional analysis of development, with a focus on poverty, low-income housing, public services, and environmental policy. Her current research interests focus on collective action, social accountability and service delivery, mobilizing “demand” in basic services, and the scaling-up of innovative service delivery approaches. Joshi has consulted for bilateral and multilateral agencies in development and managed large, multi-country research projects. She has travelled and researched in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam and Ghana. Joshi is a member of the International Experts Panel of the Independent Report Mechanism, the accountability arm of the Open Government Partnership. She received her Ph.D. in public policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Advancing Human Rights by Transforming Access to Justice

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