Gregor MacLennan Digital Democracy

Gregor MacLennan

Gregor MacLennan is the Program Director at Digital Democracy, an organization that empowers marginalized communities to use technology to defend their rights. MacLennan has worked with indigenous communities throughout the Amazon Basin on land rights issues, the impacts of extractive industries, and supporting indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination. Prior to Digital Democracy, he worked as the Peru Program Coordinator for Amazon Watch, leading a campaign to successfully stop Talisman from drilling for oil in Achuar territory in a remote and biodiverse area of Amazon rainforest. He was also the founder and director of Shinai, a grass-roots non-profit organization, helping communities map their territory and resource use, and set up a community-run environmental monitoring system for Achuar communities affected by contamination from oil drilling. He received his M.A. from Cambridge University and a Masters in Professional Studies from the Forum for the Future.


Using Technology as a Tool to Empower Communities

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