Lu Jun Beijing Yirenping Center

Lu Jun

Lu Jun is a barefoot lawyer and the Co-founder of Beijing Yirenping Center, a Chinese NGO founded to promote public health, eliminate discrimination, and defend the rights of disadvantaged groups through legal means. Jun is a widely recognized legal expert and anti-discrimination advocate, with deep expertise in the fields of public health, disability, gender, and mental health. Since 2003, he has engaged in nearly 100 high-impact legal cases defending the rights of marginalized people, including the first lawsuits in China alleging employment discrimination on the basis of HIV/AIDS status, gender, physical appearance, genetic screening, hukou (city/town of household registration), and disability discrimination in public servant recruitment. Jun is currently a visiting scholar at Fordham University School of Law and was a visiting scholar at U.S.-Asia Law Institute at NYU School of Law.


Diversity of Issues and Interventions

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